Zia Fashion - Дизайнерска модна марка

About us


Zia appears in response to the mass fashion, the fashion for one day, in which quality is not important and does not bring the pleasure of a specially made product. Guided by the idea of creating sustainable fashion, we have formed a team of highly qualified professionals to meet the requirements of all our customers. Our mission is to create models, each of which tells a its own story. This way you will get the experience of being of being the center of your event, feeling the quality behind every detail. Behind the production of each piece stand specialists who invest their ideas, skills and passion in order to provide a sense of uniqueness. This is because every woman desires to possess a jewel, which which she can galvanize. Furthermore, Zia has an Arabic origin meaning “light”. This is the right message for every woman when she puts on one of our outfits, to shine with brilliance and to feel comfortable, and confident. We produce our items in limited quantities, using high quality materials, perfect cuts, unique designs and attention to detail. This makes our clothes boutique worthy and guaranties you certainty, that you will be especial and exclusive. By choosing us, you agree for us to take care of your story o be told in a special way.


Worn by the stars

Monika Valerieva

Monika Valerieva with our wonderful model!
She looks so classy and amazing!

Monika Valerieva
Monika Valerieva